A subscription to Agenda is vital for you to keep up with contemporary poetry, with new and established voices, with challenging essays and reviews by well-known critics.

You can also stimulate your students by getting them to submit up to six poems each for the Broadsheets for ‘young poets’ (aged 16-mid thirties), with their name, age, address, and email address and workplace, university, school or college, plus a brief biography. Young essayists and reviewers are chosen for each issue of Agenda now, too, so any students with promise in these areas also have a chance to see their work online and claim publication in a worthy journal, which should help with their futures. The first two publications were available as colour posters.

One subscriber, a teacher/lecturer, wrote in to say that he thought every teacher of poetry should have the Notes for your own ‘Peculiar Music’ written by the editor in the Celebratory Issue for William Cookson, Volume 39, No 4.

It is true that many teachers do feel unsure about the teaching of poetry. The regular Notes for Broadsheet Poets about craft, technique, content and critical appreciation should give these teachers more confidence in how to approach poetry, analyse it, and how to inspire their students to write it.

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