The following essays/review are in supplement to the 1918 issue of Agenda



                                         Shanta Acharya: Politics of Home: Place and Identity

                                         W S Milne: The World of Light

                                                            James Harpur: The White Silhouette

                                         Belinda Cooke: Translating Kulager by Ilias Jansugurov



                     The following essays/reviews are in the supplement to the 'T S Eliot Special Issue'

                             Roula Maria  Dib: The Waste Land: A Dali-esque Counterpart

                             Roland John: Pound's Posthumous Cantos

                             William Bedford: Abegail Morley's In the Curator's Hands

                             Michael Loveday: Myra Schneider's Persephone in Finsbury Park

                             Anita Money: Shanta Acharya's Imagine: New & Selected Poems

                             W S Milne: Josephine Balmer's Letting Go and Paths of Survival



                  The following essays/reviews are in the supplement to the 'Testaments' issue

                          W S Milne:La Divina Commedia and The Art of Poetry

                          Tony Roberts: Archibald MacLeish's Star

                          Byron Beynon: The Poet Idris Davies (1905-1953)

                                               A brief introduction to his life and work





                   The following essays are in the supplement to 'The Power of Poetry' issue



                                     Tony Roberts:  The Hard Losses of Louise Glück

                                   Mary Woodward:  ‘Luminous praise of the ordinary ‘:

                                         The poetry of Rachel Wetzteon (1967-2009)





                  The following essay is in the supplement to the 'Homage to Geoffrey Hill' issue.


                                             Fiona Sampson: The Music Makers





                      Essays & reviews in supplement to the 'New Generation Poets' issue of Agenda


                        The following reviews are included here:


                                           Richie McCaffery on Will Stone’s The Sleepwalkers


                                  Omar Sabbagh on The Ways of Empathy: Fiona Sampson’s The Catch


                                  Peter Carpenter: Tributary Senses: Kieron Winn: The Mortal Man

                                           and Andrew Wynn Owen: Raspberries for the Ferry


                    Natalie Burdett: Nothing hides in abandoned places: Karen Solie and Thomas A. Clarke

                                                 as visual artists in love with landscape



    Two fun pieces on Poetry Workshops, followed by a serious inquiry into     why do them

(linking to the debate on ‘Can you teach Creative Writing, especially Poetry?’ in the double New Generation Poets issue of Agenda, Vol 49 Mos 3-4)

                          Peter Carpenter and Sarah James on Poetry Workshops







                Essays in supplement to the‘Family Histories’ issue of Agenda


                                                      David Cooke on Louis de Paor

                                                      Arthur Broomfield on Samuel Beckett’s Letters

                                                      Shanta Acharya on Lance Lee

                                                      Patricia McCarthy on Peripatetic Poets (coming soon)

                                                      Hossein Moradi on John Donne






                            How to improve reading your poetry - Marek Urbanowicz





                     Two essays to accompany the ‘Requiem: The Great War’ issue of Agenda:

                           W S Milne: Arms and the Man – Geoffrey Hill: Broken Hierarchies

            Omar Sabbagh: Avant La Lettre: On Browning’s ‘Sludge’, Ford, And The Mess Of A Great War






                      The following essays and Libretti accompany the Poetry & Opera issue of Agenda:


                                              James Aitchison: Poetry and Music


                               Kim Moore: My Collaboration with Steven Jackson





                            John Greening: HOME: a libretto in search of a composer


                   Nigel Thompson: CEYX AND ALCYONE: Libretto for an opera in two acts







                       The following reviews accompany the Exiles issue of Agenda:

          Omar Sabbagh on Sudeep Sen's The HarperCollins Book of English Poetry by Indians

          Tim Liardet on Fiona Sampson's A Map of Contemporary British Poetry (Chatto & Windus)






                          The following essays accompany the Celtic Mists issue of Agenda:

                                 Derek Mahon: Wind and Limb: Patrick MacDonogh

                                 Gabriel Rosenstock: The Irish Language and its Literature:

                                                             a Brief Overview

                                 Anne Marie Connolly: The Poetry Pamphlet in Scotland

                                 Wendy Holborow: Tegwen Lewis: Neglected Celtic Poet (1915-1988)

                                 Omar Sabbagh: The Headiness, The Heaviness of Womanhood

                                                       Zoe Brigley: Conquest (Bloodaxe Books)






                               The following essays accompany the Retrospectives issue of Agenda:


                                               Francis O’Gorman: Remembering Edward Thomas


                                          John Greening:  Braided Syntax: Amy Clampitt (1920-1994)


                                                   Tony Roberts: Maxine Kumin at Fifty


                                             Shanta Acharya: To Taste That Various, Universal Bliss:

                                                         The Poetry of Rabindranath Tagore






                                   Supplementary essays on John Burnside:

                                 Jaime Robles, Maitreyabandhu, Alan Stubbs




'The New Women's Poetry in Wales' by Ian Gregson, Professor of English at the University of Bangor (whose 2 poems are in the Welsh issue).

Introduction to Lynette Roberts by Professor Patrick McGuinness of St. Anne's College, Oxford.



















The following  essay(s)/review(s) and poem to Sylvia Plath accompany the Past Histories issue of Agenda magazine Vol. 43 No.1

Susan Sindall lives in New York. Her work has appeared in many literary journals, and her full-length manuscript, Long Division, was a semi-finalist in the Morton Poetry Contest at Sarabande Books in 1998, She co-edits Heliotrope and teaches in Kingston, New York.

                                                       Plath in the Boston Globe 1952

                                                     I stared at the newsprint

                                                     portrait: a college girl’s even pageboy

                                                     and gloss framing her equally

                                                     perfect teeth. In the photo

                                                     of the house beside, I studied

                                                     the lattice, criss-crossed

                                                     to hide the basement where

                                                     she was found alive.

                                                     She had put herself

                                                     to bed in a quiet berth against

                                                     her mother’s foundation – tucked herself in

                                                     between her mother’s beams.

                                                     She’d slept

                                                     breathing in the clean, musty scent

                                                     of a basement like mine,

                                                     as if surrounded

                                                     by the finally peaceful

                                                     mice and clay dust

                                                     of cement blocks.

                                                    What chemical powder

                                                     had escaped in the Globe’s darkroom,

                                                     frosting the black-and-white photographs

                                                     with a tiny, white-star stigmata?

                                                     When I put the newspaper down,

                                                     mica glittered

                                                     in the air around me.


William Bedford: Letters of Ted Hughes selected and edited by Christopher Reid (Faber 2007)

Two essays by young writers: Andre Naffis (21) and Caroline Clarke (30)

Andre Naffis: Fernando Pessoa's Dreams of Albion

Caroline Clark: The Midday Still Life: a first impression on reading Leonid Aronzon's poetry

Roger Elkin: Hidden Influences in the Poetry of Ted Hughes & Sylvia Plath





The following essay(s) accompany the Rilke issue of Agenda magazine Vol. 42 Nos. 3-4

Will Stone A Visionary Infection: The Anatomy of Movement in Georg Trakl's Poetry






The following essays accompany the US issue of Agenda magazine Vol. 41 Nos. 3-4

Tony Roberts: The Wounded Surgeon

Lance Lee: The American Voice

James Aitchison: Dancing on Variable Feet * Readers are invited to comment by email on this essay and to establish a debate.

Thomas Day: 'Gerontion' and the Context of Belief

Myra Schneider: The Use of Voice in Louise Gluck's Poetry

Shanta Acharya: American Poetry Today: The Contribution of Poets From the Indian Subcontinent

Gavin Fergusson: The Application of Thought to Poetry: A Criticism of John Ashbery



The following essays accompany the Translation as Metamorphosis issue of Agenda magazine

Thomas Day: Translation as Resurrection: Charles Tomlinson's 'The Return'

John Montague: The Challenges of Translation

Charles Tomlinson. Renga and Renshi: Linked Poems, Linked Traditions

Harry Guest: Translation Both Ways

Michael Lister: Muriel Spark and the Business of Poetry, or All the Poems of Muriel Spark, New Directions, New York; and Carcanet, England



Essays which are supplements to previous issues of Agenda:

Rached Khalifa: The Rhetoric of Transition or Political Allegoria in the Young Yeats

Declan Kiberd: The Poetry of Padraic Fallon by kind permission of Madeleine Brody

Joe Allard's Review: The Backyards of Heaven: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry from Ireland

James Aitchison: Quick Reciprocations: The Real Rhythms of Poetry

John Liddy: Desmond O' Grady Influences

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