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                 Please ensure that you read the submission policy below


                                 Agenda now only accepts E- Mail Submissions

There will be a twelve-week submission turn around time, during which every effort will be made to reply to your submission. If you have not had a response during this twelve-week period, then we feel it is acceptable and fair to submit your poems elsewhere. Should you already have a snail mail submission with us, please apply this new criteria and submit new work via e-mail.


We hope that accepting submissions via e-mail only will save on post and material costs, ease the administration and in turn speed up the process of reply.

Send no more than five poems or two essays/reviews, with short biography, address and age.

Submissions for the magazine and for the online Broadsheets should be sent by e-mail to

*Important note about dashes: Make a proper dash by typing a word, a space, then a hyphen, a space and another word (even if you don't want this word e.g. at the end of a line of poetry). Then a dash is formed automatically. Do not use two hyphens for a dash or a single hyphen.

                 House style for biographies (to be sent on separate word attachments):

Times New Roman, font size 12, 100%

Single spacing and write proper sentences (no notes).

No more than 6 lines.

Start with your name in bold and write the biography in the 3rd person e.g. Not ‘I’.

Names of books in italics, names of poems in single quotation marks.

If a Broadsheet poet, include your age (age 15 – late thirties).

Single spacing


               House style for poems (each poem on a separate word attachment):

Times New Roman, font size 12, 100%

Single spacing

Single quotation marks if there is speech in the poem

Proper dashes

Name in bold

Double space, then

Title in bold

Double space after title

Poem in single spacing


                                     House style for essays in Agenda:

Single spacing

Single quotation marks (double inside single if necessary)

Double space for a new paragraph, no indenting

For chunks of quotations, don’t indent, a double space before and after (and no quotation marks for a chunk). Name of poem underneath (single space) last line of quotation and moved to the right, in brackets.

Names of books/journals in italics, titles of poems in single quotation marks

Font size 12, Times New Roman, 100%

For inverted commas/quotation marks:

Name of a poem e.g. His poem, ‘The Brook’, is a fine poem. Quotations marks (like brackets), then comma or full stop.

Otherwise – in a sentence – full stop or comma and then the quotation mark e.g. Wordsworth wrote, ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud.’

All submissions to

What kind of work the Editor looks for:

  • Poems that are deeply felt and well-crafted
  • Essays/reviews that are challenging, original and well-constructed.

It is hoped to develop a lively critical forum within the pages of Agenda and online.

What kind of work the Editor would like to see less of:

  • Oversentimental, cliché-ridden poetry; poetry with dumdidum rhymes that boss the poet into using particular words just for the sake of the pat rhymes; poetry that is badly crafted and too prosaic, and poetry that does not come from the heart
  • Essays/reviews that use academic jargon ad nauseam, have too few examples, too few quotations.
  • Essays that are too obsequious, too obviously pandering to the writer in question.

Up to fifty poems are published in an issue, depending on whether it is a double or a single issue, and up to as many as 20 books are reviewed. Several essays are usually included also. Around 25 poems appear on each online Broadsheet.

                 As a general rule we do not accept previously published material.


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