An essay on Brendan Kennelly by Patricia McCarthy

                                                     published in The London Magazine








                                                       Simon Jenner on Robert Nye

                                                   James Aitchison on Peter Carpenter












                                   The following reviews accompany the Retrosectives issue of Agenda:

                                                 Shanta Acharya:  Indian Poetry in Translation

                                                   Rabindranath Tagore and Kunwar Narain

                                       Will Stone:  The Black Herald: a new literary magazine in Europe

                                                                  Paul Stubbs:  Ex Nihilo

                                                                Blandine Longre:  Clarities


                                                     Belinda Cooke:  Turning and Returning

                                                      Peter Robinson:  The Returning Sky


                                                       Martyn Crucefix:  A Way of Seeing

                                                 Shanta Acharya:  Dreams that Spell the Light


                                                     Will Stone:  A Tribute to W.G. Sebald






















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